• Is your Daily Supplement This Compete?
    Dr. Sheila S. Decker D.C, M.S. For many of us taking a multivitamin is part of our daily routine.  We feel good about it.  But are we really getting all the Read more
  • Chiropractic and Pregnancy Benefits
    DR. SHEILA S. DECKER D.C., M.S. Do you know anyone who is pregnant and having pains in their neck or back? Many pregnant women think they can’t get adjusted while they Read more
  • WHY drink water?
    DR. SHEILA S. DECKER D.C., M.S. WHY drink water? I ask every patient that comes in Zimmerman Chiropractic office, “Are you drinking enough water on a daily basis?”  90 percent of the Read more

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  • "Was my first time ever getting a massage. It was absolutely amazing. Will definitely be nack. She was so friendly to talk to and do an amazing job!!"
    Sierra Hampton / Facebook
  • "Appointment today with immediate relief, and expecting more in the upcoming days! Clean office...great Christmas tree Kerri"
    Julie Bird / Facebook
  • "They did wonderful things for me while I was pregnant! Made the pregnancy much easier!!!"
    Jennifer Gray Martin / Facebook

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